Thursday, 16 August 2012

Roberts ChronoDAB

I have had my new digital radio alarm for almost a month and the verdict is that I like it.

The dial is clear and, significantly, the time is very accurate because it seems to be linked to the time signal.

I'd liken its performance to a high definition television. The Roberts DAB digital radio is more dynamic in sound than my old Sony Digibox Dream machine radio alarm.

Acoustics are clearer and I certainly feel that one can hear more detail from broadcasts.

Furthermore, I like the precise, digital tuning and push-buttons.

Roberts, a subsidiary of Glen Dimplex, hold two royal warrants, as suppliers of radios to HM The Queen and to HRH The Prince of Wales.

Roberts has offices in both Surrey and Yorkshire. Glen Dimplex Group is based in the Irish Republic.


PeterC said...

Presumably your radio is mains-powered, otherwise you would have discovered by now how quickly DAB radios consume batteries. We have a DAB portable radio (also Roberts) which can consume 6 "D" cells in 10 hours when not plugged into the mains. When switched to the FM option, which I consider actually gives better sound quality, the batteries last much longer. But we do live in an area where the DAB signal is very poor.

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed, it is mains! We have a strong signal here, too.