Thursday, 28 March 2013

Balsamic Delectation

All right. Belmont admits that he's had a modest restorative, viz. the Tanqueray mixed with requisite dosage of tonic-water.

Perhaps the noble prose flows even more eloquently thus.

I needed it, having shuddered at the effrontery of the head honcho of Fitness First gymnasia, a cove by the name of Seibold, who sent me an advisory letter, apprising of an increase in their charge by a whopping 65%.

We Belmonts are renowned for standing firm. This is utterly outrageous. I have emailed this Sideball, putting him the picture. Gawd help us.

Perhaps I ought to consider Branson's health centre, Virgin Active.

WILKIN'S tomato ketchup is the usual sauce of choice at Belmont GHQ. Nevertheless, I tried the Heinz Tomato Ketchup Blended With Balsamic Vinegar today.

Dear readership, I can inform you exclusively that this sauce receives the coveted Belmont Seal of Approval and Commendation.

Wilkin's ketchup still has the edge, with very few additives other than 75% tomatoes, though.

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