Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Belmont's Scallops

The indefatigable gnashers were zealously placed in overdrive tonight for a feast of fodder fit for self.

With nose-bag firmly attached, I got stuck in to the daily helping, on this occasion the battered scallops, mash, asparagus tips, lashings of Jersey butter and tartare sauce.

Has anybody tried these diminutive battered scallops? I think they're delicious. It takes a mere eight minutes to heat them in the oven.

M&S seldom disappoints; certainly not since I chewed their tough little partridge, adhering strictly to their cooking instructions.

My erstwhile school chum, known to self as Dangerfield, himself a master hunter of deer round and about his fine pad of a hundred and forty acres of lush Ulster countryside near Broughshane, scoffed and insisted that they were incorrect in their instructions for such a small bird.


Anonymous said...

These scallops are poor stuff compared to the provender available of a Friday morning in St George's market. Get thee hence on your velocipede and purchase fresh scallops, fry them lightly in butter and consume. No comparison.

Timothy Belmont said...

...with a liberal amount of garlic, too?

Sumptuous. :-)