Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fuerteventura: XV

Timothy Belmont has been lying doggo for the last couple of days, endeavouring (with good results) to restore the old equilibrium.

I have spent time, naturally, at the beach; though I have largely refrained from imbibing the Devil's Brew.

The evenings here have been rather cool, in the sense that long trousers, jumpers or jackets are called for.

Last night, I wandered over to the music square, where I sat at the little Plaza Cafe-Bar. I was, as previously indicated, somewhat abstemious; hence, a piña colada cocktail was called for, at a not unreasonable €5.

There was no sign of my pals from County Westmeath.

I STILL drink cafe condensado back at base and elsewhere, finding that the sweet, condensed milk doubles up, in lieu of real milk and sugar.

I wonder if any of the well-known coffee-houses in the UK have ever heard of cafe condensado, what with their lengthy lists of fancily-named coffees? Could I finally stump them by requesting a condensado?

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