Sunday, 31 March 2013

Larne Excursion

I jumped into the two-seater, roof firmly closed, and drove in a northerly direction - as the rook flies at any rate - towards the town of Larne, County Antrim.

Major roadworks are being undertaken on the main road to Larne.

It was still cold today, though I found Carnfunnock Country Park, parked and made a bee-line for the visitor centre, where I took a pot of tea (£1.50) and perused some of ther literature.

Carnfunnock is a relatively new name for what was Cairncastle Lodge, a residence of the Agnews for twenty years; then the Chaines; till it was bought by Sir Thomas Dixon Bt.

I am in the process of writing an article about Cairncastle Lodge and its owners. Many thanks to the family at the gate lodge who granted me permission to photograph the Agnew arms emblazoned above the porch.

The park now belongs to the local council.

The Lodge was demolished a long time ago, in the 1940s I think.

THENCE, I motored the short distance to Drumalis House, erstwhile residence of the Smiley Baronets, proprietors of The Northern Whig newspaper.

I was told that they have an open day for the general public on Easter Monday. I am grateful to Drumalis Retreat Centre for permission to take the two pictures.

ON THE WAY home, I made a detour towards Kilwaughter Castle, or what remains of that once noble edifice.

I might return when the weather improves, to take a few pictures of it in its present sorry state.

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Cllr Mark McKinty said...

There is a guided tour of Kilwaughter Castle on Sunday if you are interested!