Saturday, 9 March 2013

Whalley's Café

Notwithstanding the miserable weather, I motored into Holywood, County Down, this morning for coffee and a chin-wag with my aunt and Pat.

I've lost count re the number of coffee-houses in Holywood, though we tried a different one today, Whalley's Café, located near the may-pole.

Whalley's is quite compact, the café being directly as you enter, on the ground floor. I believe they also have an art gallery.

I seated myself at a side table, perused the menu, and ordered a regular Americano coffee with a fruit scone.

The scones are accompanied by a tripartite, oblong plate which has jam, butter and whipped cream.

The coffee is made by a company called Illy, I think.

Whilst awaiting my coffee, I turned on the netbook and was glad to see that there is a strong wi-fi signal -  not from Whalley's, but from BT outside.

My coffee and scones arrived: Very good coffee, though the regular cup is small. I'd probably pay a little more for the "large" size.

The scone was of average size, though they weren't hugely lavish with the old currants - I counted about three little blighters. It had been heated, so the butter melted when I spread it on.

Service is good, as are the staff. My bill came to £4.05.

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