Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fuerteventura: XVI

I STROLLED out on the constitutional yesterday morning and, passing a so-called foot spa clinic, watched as several clients sat on cushions with their feet immersed in transparent glass water tanks.

There were literally dozens of little fish frantically nibbling away at these customers' feet. Now, readers, I reckon that my feet ~ or, at least, the soles of my feet ~ are moderately tough, having walked barefoot for miles during this vacation.

Therefore, I decided to permit these tiny fry the privilege of having a complimentary feast on the noble feet: Free, gratis and for nothing; apart, of course, from the €8 cost for fifteen minutes' worth.

I can report back that it is a most agreeable experience, having the sprightly pins nibbled by these blighters. Slightly ticklish, I suppose. I am glad I did it, though; despite remaining unconvinced of its efficacy.

I DINED at La Taberna in the evening. Juan was there to greet me like an old pal. I sat at a little table just inside the restaurant.

Juan's daughter is living presently in Tenerife, he recounted. Incidentally, Juan is a very contented fellow indeed: La Taberna opens seven days a week and he often sings during service. His wife Anna is in the kitchen, equally appears.

I ordered a glass of Rioja wine, continuing my abstemiousness; then the fresh salmon steak in white wine sauce, served with gamey chips and his ramekin of coleslaw.

La Taberna must surely be one of the oldest eating-dens in Corralejo, having been established in 1989. I wonder what the street was like in those days.

Juan brought me his fresh crusty bread roll and superb alioli (good and strong, for confirmed garlic-lovers).

The salmon was excellent, so moist and delicate.

At the conclusion, I was brought a complimentary liqueur, Irish Cream.

AFTER THE MEAL, I took my leave and ambled to the cocktail bar, On The Beach, where I sat up at the counter. I watched the barman performing his art of making cocktails. I was truly impressed at this cove's diligence and expertise.

He had a tool for every job, including lime-squeezer, sharp paring knives, whisks, special mixer glassware, and every conceivable liqueur. He was methodical, too, cleaning everything after use; and putting items back in their place.

I remained to watch the Flamenco show, following which I got up and headed home.

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