Sunday, 12 January 2014

Blackford Dolphin

I wish I had worn my British Warm overcoat this morning, when I went for a walk at Belfast's Titanic Quarter.

It was damp, dreary, cold and windy.

A large drilling rig called Blackford Dolphin is being repaired or refitted by Harland & Wolff.

This rig weighs about 3,000 tons and the crew quarters can accommodate 102 persons.

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Roger Thompson said...

No big deal but that's the "Blackford Dolphin" . More or less identical to the "Byford Dolphin" which is currently drilling in the UK Sector of the North Sea for BP.
I've worked on them. Ok rigs but getting on a bit now. Currently reading your wise words on the "Ocean vanguard" in Norwegian Sector.