Saturday, 4 January 2014

Parking Fine

I motored into town this morning and was lucky enough to find a parking space in Upper Arthur Street.

I fed the parking-meter with two pounds, noticed the time thereon - 13:28 - and stuck the label on the windscreen of the jalopy.

I encountered a charming assistant in Crabtree & Evelyn's shop near Cornmarket, and engaged in a delightful natter; so well, in fact, that I wondered whether she'd ever do me the honour of accompanying me for a snifter in a restaurant or bar.

I bought a dark red v-neck sweater in House of Fraser. Thence I sought out a favourite meat pasty at Marks & Spencer.

At Sawer's delicatessen, I purchased a jar of onion marmalade, for Dangerfield's venison bangers.

Whilst walking up Upper Arthur Street, I immediately spotted a fixed penalty notice. The fine was issued at 12:06.

Alas, the ticket I stuck to the inside of the windscreen did not adhere sufficiently to the damp screen. It had fallen - like a leaf - to the floor.

Having accosted a parking warden, I was assured that my sticker with the time would be adequate proof.

I'll phone them on Monday morning. Either the penalty notice will be annulled and cancelled forthwith, or I might be required to scan the evidence and send it to them.

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Anonymous said...

We know how you feel so we now just leave our ticket on the dashboard above the steering wheel.