Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Fine Result

I don't know whether you remember the incident several weeks ago - at Upper Arthur Street - whereby a parking ticket was unceremoniously slapped on to my windscreen?

For the benefit of readers who are not "up to speed", I motored into town on a Saturday morning and was lucky enough to find a parking space.

I fed the parking-meter with two pounds, noticed the time on the ticket - 13:28 - and stuck the label on the windscreen of the jalopy.

When I returned about an hour and a quarter later, I immediately spotted a fixed penalty notice. The fine had been issued at 12:06.

Alas, the ticket I had stuck to the inside of the windscreen did not adhere sufficiently to the damp screen. It had fallen - like a leaf - to the floor.

There might also have been some woollen fibres from my overcoat on the sticky part.

Having accosted a parking manager, I was assured that my sticker with the time would be adequate proof.

I phoned them on Monday morning. Either the penalty notice would be annulled and cancelled forthwith, or I might be required to scan the evidence and send it to them.

YESTERDAY I received the following email from the NI Roads Service in connection with my appeal regarding a parking ticket I received several weeks ago in Upper Arthur Street, Belfast:-

I am pleased to inform you that I have accepted your explanation in response to the Penalty Charge Notice detailed above.

However, it is important to note that even if a Pay & Display ticket has been purchased, the penalty charge is normally payable if it is not properly displayed.

Whilst the charge is being waived on this occasion, a similar approach will not be taken in the event of a repeat occurence.

The Penalty Charge Notice issued in connection with the contravention has now been cancelled.

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