Thursday, 16 January 2014

Porridge Resumption

Suppliers of Quaker Food Products
HM The Queen - Master of the Household
Granted in 1958


This morning I motored over to the nearest massive supermarket, grabbed a basket and, holding the post-it note with a shopping-list, made a bee-line for the salad aisle.

During my childhood we used to breakfast on porridge occasionally, though I stopped eating it ages ago.

However, having been offered it whilst staying with friends at Christmas, my appetite for the stuff has been rekindled.

Hence, today I procured a carton of the original Quaker Oats and Tate & Lyle's squeezy golden syrup.
Despite the instructions provided for cooking the porridge, I prefer mine quite thick in texture; so in future I'll add less milk.

I was in good company. None other than Barney Eastwood, the celebrated bookmaker and boxing promoter, was also doing the rounds, wearing a heavy tweed overcoat.

MY FELLOW-SWIMMER and old pal Schomberg (!) has recommended a local greengrocer and delicatessen, The Four Seasons, to me. I'm told that their home-made lasagne and coleslaw is delicious.

Dangerfield, the old school pal and sparring partner, called unexpectedly last night for ten minutes. He told me about his woes regarding a part for his classic Land-Rover.

Dangerfield is a terrific shot. I told him I was minded to have a few of his venison bangers tonight, though I've decided to postpone that gastronomic feast and have a salmon risotto instead.


Brian said...

Hi Tim! "Beyond Performance 4x4", Mallusk, is where I get all my Land Rovers serviced. That can't be beaten on price or parts. Highly recommended! I have been really enjoying the links that you sent me on Antrim Castle and National Library. Thanks again! Brian

Kenneth said...

Timothy, good to hear you have reacquainted yourself with the venerable oat flake. May I, however, guide you in the direction of a local brand, viz. Whites. They are based in Tandragee and use local produce. I've been consuming their product for over 50 years and can attest to it's quality. check them out here; You would be supporting me, a poor, local agrarian.