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Lismore House


ANDREW NESBITT, of Brenter (presumed to be son of Thomas Nesbitt, of Newbottle, and grandson of George Nesbitt, who died in 1590), assignee from the Earl of Annandale, of the estates of Brenter and Malmusock, County Donegal, was father of 

ANDREW NESBITT, who served in the army of CHARLES I in Ireland; whose eldest son,

THOMAS NESBITT, of Grangemore, County Westmeath, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1720, MP for Cavan, 1715-50, married twice.

His heir, 

COSBY NESBITT, of Lismore, born in 1718, MP for Cavan, 1750-67, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1764, succeeded to the Cavan estates on the death of his father.

His eldest son, 

THOMAS NESBITT, of Lismore, Colonel in the army, MP for Cavan, 1768-99, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1769, married and was father of

COSBY NESBITT JP DL, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1798, Major, Cavan Militia, whose second son, 

ALEXANDER NESBITT DL, of Lismore House, County Cavan, and Old Lands, Sussex, born in 1817, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1862, died without issue and was succeeded by his sister, 


THOMAS COSBY BURROWES JP DL, of Lismore, County Cavan, born in 1856, High Sheriff of County Cavan, 1888, succeeded his uncle in 1886.

He married, in 1885, Anna Frances Maxwell, sister of 10th Baron Farnham, and had issue,
Eleanor Mary (1886-1962);
Rosamund Charlotte, b 1891.
Rosamund Charlotte Cosby Burrowes married Major Shuckburgh Upton Lucas-Clements in 1922.

She was with Voluntary Aid Detachment during the 1st World War, where she was mentioned in dispatches.

She lived in 1976 at Lismore, and had issue,
Elizabeth Anne, b 1922;
Thomas, b 1925;
John, b 1930;
Robert Henry, b 1930.

LISMORE HOUSE, near Crossdoney, County Cavan, was built ca 1730.

The main block was of two storeys over a high basement, with a pediment breakfront centre and a widely spaced Venetian window in both storeys.

There were two bays either side of the centre, overlapping tower wings of one storey each.

The house had a solid roof parapet with urns and oculi in the upper storey of the office wings.

Lismore passed to the Lucas-Clements family through the marriage of Miss R Burrowes to Major Shuckburgh Lucas-Clements in 1922.

Having stood empty for many years, the house fell into ruin and was finally demolished ca 1952, with the exception of a tower wing.

The estate is three miles from the Farnham estate and hotel.

The office wings were used as farm buildings and appear to have been converted to modern living accomodation.

The family moved to the former agent's house.

First published in May, 2012.

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