Sunday, 31 August 2014

Lord Archbishop of Tuam

Coat-of-arms of the Anglican Archbishopric of Tuam

Sapphire, three persons erect, under as many canopies of stalls, their faces, arms, and legs, proper:
The first represents an archbishop, habited in his pontificals, holding a crozier in his left hand;
the second, the Virgin Mary, crowned, with our Saviour on her left arm;
and the third, an Angel having his right arm elevated, and a lamb on his left arm, all topaz

The last Anglican Archbishop of Tuam and Primate of Connaught was the Most Rev and Hon Power le Poer Trench DD (1770-1839).

The archiepiscopal Palace, at Bishop Street, Tuam, County Galway, was built between 1716-41, by Archbishop Synge.

The palace was described thus in 1837:
"Large and handsomely built, though not possessing much architectural embellishment."
The old palace is now a supermarket and restaurant. 

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