Monday, 5 October 2020

Linen Hall Charity Bookshop

(Image: Timothy Ferres, 2020)
The weather in Belfast is inclement today. That's an understatement.

At the weekend I received a letter from my solicitor requesting a reply so, instead of doing the obvious thing and sending it by post, I decided to get some exercise on the new ebike by riding to College Street.

College Street, by the way, extends from Fountain Street to College Square East.

The rain was relentless, quite heavy at times and, despite wearing "waterproof" trousers and jacket, high-visibility waistcoat, cycle helmet, the rain managed to absorb the rotten trousers and saturate my denims underneath.

I'll throw the so-called waterproof trousers out; I have another pair which I'll wear in future.

Having delivered my letter to the solicitor's premises I noticed the Linen Hall Charity Bookshop at street level.

Still drenched, I ambled in for a little rummage, though I must have been inside for twenty-five minutes.

I chatted briefly to the two members of staff and, it transpires, none other than Conor Bradford and Mark Carruthers, OBE, both well-known BBC broadcasters, are occasional patrons of this admirable little second-hand bookshop.

Somebody arrived while I was there to donate some unwanted books.

One hardback that caught my eye was Ulster: A Journey Through The Six Counties, by Robin Bryans; a bargain at a fiver.

On this occasion I left empty-handed, though it's my intention to revisit this Aladdin's Cave of old books more often.

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