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The Acheson Baronets

The founder of this noble Scottish family in Ulster,

CAPTAIN PATRICK ACHESON (1558-1617), married Martha, daughter of Archibald Drummond, of Edinburgh, and had issue,
ARCHIBALD, his heir;
Henry (Sir);
The elder son,

ARCHIBALD ACHESON (1583-1634), was seated at Gosford, Haddingtonshire, previous to his settlement in Ulster, where we find him in 1610.

In the following year he had passed patent for a large proportion of land in County Armagh, and at the same time his younger brother, Henry, passed patent for a smaller proportion in the said county, which lands he afterwards assigned to Sir Archibald.

Sir Henry Acheson returned to Scotland and there died unmarried.

Sir Archibald was "so steady and zealous a friend" of the protestant interest in Ulster that seven years after he obtained this grant (according to the survey made by Nicholas Pynnar) he had 203 men upon his estate capable of bearing arms.

In 1612, he obtained another grant from JAMES I of a small proportion of land in County Cavan containing 1,000 acres.

Sir Archibald was created a baronet in 1628, designated of Market Hill, County Armagh.

In 1630 he obtained, in conjunction with Pierce and Walter Crosbie, a territory in Nova Scotia, Canada, called Bonovia [sic].

Sir Archibald was also Solicitor-General, a senator of justice, and for many years Secretary of State for Scotland; which latter office he continued to fill until his decease in 1634.

He died at Letterkenny, County Donegal, at his nephew's house, Sir William Semple, Knight.

Sir Archibald was succeeded in the title and estates by his eldest son,

SIR PATRICK ACHESON, 2nd Baronet (1609-38), who wedded, in 1634, Martha, daughter of William Moore; at whose decease without issue, the title devolved upon his half-brother,

SIR GEORGE ACHESON, 3rd Baronet (1629-85), High Sheriff of County Armagh, 1657, County Tyrone, 1657, who espoused firstly, in 1654, Nichola, daughter of Sir Robert Hannay Bt, and had issue,
NICHOLAS, his successor.
He married secondly, in 1659, Margaret, daughter of William Caulfeild, 1st Baron Charlemont, and had further issue,
Sarah; Catherine; Mary.
Sir George was succeeded by his only son and heir,

SIR NICHOLAS ACHESON, 4th Baronet (c1655-1701), MP for Armagh County, 1695-9, who wedded, in 1676, Ann, daughter of Thomas Taylor, and had issue,
Alexander (1676-1757);
ARTHUR, of whom hereafter;
Sir Nicholas was succeeded by his younger son,

SIR ARTHUR ACHESON, 5th Baronet (1688-1748), High Sheriff of County Armagh, 1728, MP for Mullingar, 1727-48, who wedded Anne, daughter of the Rt Hon Philip Savage, Chancellor of the Exchequer in Ireland, and had issue,
ARCHIBALD, of whom presently;
Nichola; Ann.
Sir Arthur was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

THE RT HON SIR ARCHIBALD ACHESON, 6th Baronet (1728-90), High Sheriff of County Armagh, 1751, County Cavan, 1761, MP for Dublin University, 1741-61, Privy Counsellor.

Sir Archibald was elevated to the peerage, in 1776, in the dignity of Baron Gosford, of Market Hill, County Armagh; and advanced to the viscountcy, 1785, as Viscount Gosford.

His lordship married, in 1740, Mary, youngest daughter of John Richardson, of Rich Hill, County Armagh, by whom he had issue,
ARTHUR, his successor;
Anna Maria; Nicolas; Julia Henrietta; Lucinda; Mary.
Sir Archibald was succeeded by his eldest son,

ARTHUR, 2nd Viscount; who was created, in 1806, EARL OF GOSFORD.

First published in April, 2011.

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