Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Sad Day For Ulster Post Offices

It has been announced that our local post office at Belmont (Campbell Park Avenue) is earmarked for closure. This is very disappointing, not to say saddening news.

Belmont post office, with its staff, provides an excellent service to the community locally. It has been in existence there since I was born. Incidentally, does anyone know when it first opened? I have used it a number of times within the past year, mainly to post bulky items. It's easier to park there too, in comparison with Strandtown, because you can drive up the avenue beside it.

Presumably they're closing it for the obvious reason that the Strandtown office is relatively close by and one of the pair had to shut down. I can well imagine how many customers, of all ages, will miss it and its staff.

The Blair-Brown Combo has been spending billions of pounds of taxpayers' money on various projects (I won't be specific: just think of anything you don't like) and, yet, they refuse to support essential services like local post offices throughout the United Kingdom.


Derek Lowry said...

I attended Belmont Elementary School 1950?-55 and back then the PO was I think was trading as Hughes ?Newsagents and Confectionary?.

Timothy Belmont said...

My granny would have known; she lived on Wandsworth Road and cut through Campbell Park Avenue most days to shop on Belmont Church Road etc. She died in 1982.

That's interesting Derek; I might pay the PO a visit and make further inquiries.

I attended Belmont Primary School from the mid-sixties. Must write a blog about it sometime...