Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A Close Shave

I opened the garage doors, as usual, this morning and reversed the jalopy out. Whilst reversing I heard a slight noise, stopped immediately and looked backwards. Nothing untoward, so I carried on.

I drove to the gym and parked in the normal spot. On returning later, to my horror I saw what looked like a score at the corner of the off-side bumper. It was light blue paint. Initially I thought somebody had hit me in the car-park; but I realized that the colour of the score was identical to that of our garage door.

It dawned on me that the door mustn't have been fully open or had blown open. Most annoying for one's old Pride-and-Joy.

When I got home I had a closer look and applied a few polishes from my considerable collection; and , thank goodness, the mark was merely paint. It came off completely so you wouldn't know it had been there. Phew!


Derek Lowry said...

I came across your blog on AiB. We seem to have a lot in common except "sun worshipping". Your slant on NI seems to a lot more "fireside" with many nice little tangents.


Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks for that Derek. I really just write about what interests me.
I'm off to worship the sun for a week on Friday! Watch this space...