Thursday, 17 April 2008

Valuecabs: A Decent Goodwill Gesture

You'll recall that, as mentioned in my posting on the fourth of April, I missed the bus to take me to the airport due to the late arrival of my taxi. At the time I expressed my annoyance and wondered whether to bother writing to Valuecabs or not.

There was no need. Valuecabs contacted me and, I'm gratified to add, everything has been resolved most amicably. If you cast your mind back, the taxi arrived at about four in the morning; my bus left the bus-station at that time, so I'd missed the bus. The taxi-driver offered to take me to the airport for a concessionary fare of twenty pounds, which I accepted.

At the airport, I paid the agreed fare plus a tip of two quid (it wasn't the driver's fault after all).

As a consequence of this, Valuecabs have paid me the difference between the twenty-two pounds fare and the return bus fare which would have cost me nine pounds - thirteen pounds. They've also expressed their sincere apologies and given the young operator, who took my original booking, a rap on the knuckles.

As I told Gillian, their Operations Manager, I'll still use Valuecabs because I think their service is good, the staff are pleasant and well turned-out, and the cars are clean. Mind you, I'll be particularly explicit the next time I book a taxi to take me to the station!

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