Thursday, 3 April 2008

Small Change

The Royal Mint has revealed the new design for our coinage which shall be introduced this summer, the current coins being gradually withdrawn from circulation (this is a burden for bank officials who have to practically implement the change by bagging, weighing, checking, loading and all the tasks associated with introducing new coinage - I know because I was in Banking).

I find the coppers a confounded nuisance and could easily do without them. For years now, I have put the pennies in charity boxes at shop counters; or let them mount up at home for charity callers. I gather that the coppers must be essential to our economy, otherwise the government would presumably have stopped production - like halfpennies.

The only coin which remains unchanged in design is the two pound coin. All the rest have the Sovereign's head on one side (wonder if that'll be updated?) and the Shield of the Royal Arms, craftily divided in six for each coin. The one pound coin shows the whole shield.

Why not treat yourself to the Platinum Proof Collection, a veritable snip at £5,995?

The new design certainly doesn't offend me; perhaps it's time for a change, although there is nothing wrong with the current designs.


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Anonymous said...

2008 is the year my daughter was born so i wanted to collect them all & i was searching ages for the £2 then i realised there must not be one to complete the set