Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Simple Joy Of Receiving An Ebay Parcel

It was a good day yesterday. I had a task to perform on behalf of the Dowager, which entailed a visit to Connswater, and it all went very well. I just hope the garments fit. I'd been to the gym earlier.

When I was up at the computer, tapping away at my Mount Panther article, I heard the familiar sound of mail arriving; sure enough, it was a parcel containing the little pocket radio I 'd bought for the Dowager on Sunday, only two days ago. It's a Sony, and it was a fraction of the high street price. What's more, I'm delighted with it. It's similar to the old one, which is clapped out. We've done well out of Ebay - a mutual benefit, no doubt.

The swimming is going well too, the water-temperature being not too warm and not too cold. I swam my usual sixty lengths last night. A fellow-swimmer, George, let the cat out of the bag by asking Robert what he was doing on his eighty-fifth birthday today; I didn't fully appreciate how old Robert is. Splendid stuff, and long may he stir the pure waters of the old school! I hope he enjoys his dinner at the Iona tonight too, and the bring-your-own-wine perk!

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