Thursday, 17 April 2008

Jolly Frivolous Romp

I've booked a ticket, online, today for Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus In The Underworld. I managed to get a half-decent seat in the Dress Circle of the Grand Opera House, Belfast; the requisite method being to persevere with the booking-form in a particular section of the auditorium until you attain the optimum seat. It necessitates putting lots of seats in your basket till you get the one you want; then deleting them all except your selected one.

The operetta plays next week. I was very nearly a member of Belfast Operatic Company: they auditioned me for the chorus once and asked me to sing as a bass. Since I have always been happiest singing as a tenor, I virtually walked out after the first rehearsal! I gather that my vocal chords must be fairly broad-ranging if they felt I could sing as a bass; of course, the other thing was that they had an abundance of tenors.

You never know; I may darken their door again some time, if the mood strikes.

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