Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Vintage Onoto Pen

I've been attempting to get my Onoto fountain pen fixed, at intervals, during the last three or four years and, so far, nobody has been able to do it. Several weeks ago I sent it to the Pen Museum and was told that it required a "complete new plunger rod". Mr Twydle had none of these, so he returned the pen to me.

I contacted the Onoto Pen Company and their boss put me in touch with Dr Laurence Oldfield, who has a business called the Pen Practice. Laurence told me he could fix it. Good news.

I was in for a pleasant surprise. Laurence and his wife, Ann, live in Malvern; and my old school pal, the Rev John Barr, is vicar of the Priory church in Malvern so I asked Laurence if he knew of John. They know him very well and Ann was church-warden there! What a remarkable coincidence; it's a small world.

I've just sent the pen off to Laurence and he has such a backlog that it may take three or four months till he assesses the pen; I'm in no hurry.


jar said...

Looks like a 5601. If so it should be pretty easy for him to fix. Great pens.

Timothy Belmont said...

Dr Laurence fixed it again last year and, so far, it's still going strong!

I'm very fond of it. It writes beautifully and expressively; it's light, too.