Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Cadbury's Caramel

Like so many things in life, opinions and personal tastes vary. They are subjective. For instance, the finest chocolate in the world, to my mind, is probably Lindt 70% Excellence due to a number of factors: depth of flavour, balance - neither too bitter, nor too sweet; a lingering taste in the palate.

Despite that, I remain a Cadbury's Caramel Loyalist; or, to give it its formal name, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel. It is simply heavenly and sublime. If I'm lucky, the supermarkets sometimes have a "two bars for two pounds" offer.

Whilst checking out of my apartment in the Canary Islands recently I gave Reception two bars of it!


Anonymous said...

I also love the 70% Lindt however i really like Domori Cheateau Javablond as well (70%) its just right for me, have you tried it ?

Timothy Belmont said...

I haven't. I think the Lindt is great value, bearing in mind it's made for the mass market. Where is the Domori sold?

belfast cabby said...

before i forget Merry Christmas

Timothy Belmont said...

A very merry Christmas to you and yours also, Belfast Cabby.