Sunday, 27 December 2009

Queen's Quarter Amble

I felt like an urban stroll today, so I motored over to University Square, adjacent to the Queen's University of Belfast, and parked the baby two-seater there.

Ambling round College Green, I had a look at the recent damage inflicted to the Union Theological College; then I passed that agreeable little bistro-restaurant, Molly's Yard, which is entered from Botanic Avenue. Click on the image to read the bistro menu.

Thence my route took me up Mount Charles, turning right at University Road, and along Upper Crescent, parts of which are still in a deplorably neglected state. Who, might I inquire, owns 16, Upper Crescent? It is in a most dreadful condition due to the negligence of its owner. In 1974 it was owned by the University.

Carrying on along Lower Crescent, I crossed and walked up Lisburn Road; and up Fountainville Avenue; down Claremont Street; up Camden Street; and down Fitzwilliam Street; finally strolling along Elmwood Avenue.

Generally speaking, these streets have an air of neglect about them, possibly due to either irresponsible landlords, tenants or both! I passed Queen's red-brick Lanyon Building: I do wish they would reinstate the iron railings round the perimeter with replicas. There must be pre-war photographs somewhere. This would considerably enhance the appearance of the area. The "stumps" of the old railings can still clearly be seen.


Big T said...

Repeats on BBC all Christmas and now this! Did you not do this walk and post a related blog earlier in the year? What's the world coming to?

On a positive note, I only remember it because it was a good read - let's have more of these 'Belfast walking tour' posts in 2010.

Timothy Belmont said...

I did warn readers that I'd occasionally post repeats of some articles, Big T!

You are right, though: I did walk round College Green a year ago - a creature of habit!
Let me assure you, though, that this piece isn't a repeat; for I walked through Botanic Gardens last year.

If I remember I'll bring my camera with me more often - New Year Resolution! - when I'm "out and about".

All the best,