Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Cerebral Nourishment

Does anyone have one of those "brain-training" devices? You know, the Nintendo DS type ones as advertised by Ant & Dec on television.

They seem quite a good idea to me; or the concept, at least. I think they could prove beneficial, depending on the cirmcumstances.

I wonder how long the batteries last in them? I suppose rechargeable batteries could be used.

Are they worth £100 plus?


fattakin said...

Tim, they are quite good i used to have one and used Brain Training quite a lot. My Mother in Law loves her ds and has progressed through brain training and all its variants.

They hold their value well enough but i would still avoid buying brand new for something you may tire of. try gumtree, e.g. (i reckon you could offer 45/50)

if you want a hand or advice, drop me a line..

Timothy Belmont said...

Many thanks, Fattakin!