Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Hospital Trip

I'm impressed by the Patient Care Service (PCS) transport organization in Belfast. The Dowager had a routine appointment at Belfast City Hospital this morning. I'd arranged for an ambulance call well in advance, due to the little accident she had several weeks' ago, causing a heavily bruised ankle.

I usually drive the Dowager to hospital appointments myself; however, in this instance, I decided to take advantage of the PCS.

If your consultant's department is aware that you are utilizing the PCS, they are flexible with appointment times. The Dowager's appointment was at ten-thirty; though we didn't arrive till after eleven, and she was seen by the doctor within five minutes!

They seem "geared up" for this arrangement. And it seems to work very well. It is less stressful for the carer, too. You do require stoical patience, though. We had to wait for awhile before the PCS came to collect us; so we were home by shortly after one o'clock.

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