Sunday, 20 December 2009

Wintry Scene

By Jove, it isn't half nippy this morning in Belfast. It is snowing lightly as I write this blog. We cooked some nice, crispy bacon this morning. I like it with wholemeal buttered toast and Acacia honey.

I donned the fleece and wellies awhile ago, in order to replenish the bird feeders. My goldfinches were all in an utter frenzy this morning, squabbling for the Nyger seeds. Some of these beautiful little birds resorted to eating the spillage on the ground.

Now I'm going to scan the Sunday Times online. When is Murdoch going to impose charges for it?


Anonymous said...

Snow in Co. Armagh is lying fairly deep at present. I'm anticipating the snow forcing us to use the Defender to get to Belfast in a few days, and have moved it inside so it doesn't freeze! Yes, the niger seeds are good for goldfinches aren't they, we had eighteen at one stage!

Timothy Belmont said...

Weather conditions worse in Armagh than Belfast, I imagine.

I counted 13 goldfinches at feeders this morning; may have been some I missed though.