Sunday, 6 December 2009

Bird's-Eye View?

I've been browsing through the Sunday Times - online - this morning; which is fine, till Murdoch starts charging. Reckon I'll pay him? Not on your nelly.

A few pieces have caught my eye: One is about the big supermarket Tesco's battle with rivals to retain the "premium" food market. Obviously Tesco is not merely content with the "value" market, or the markets in the middle. They want the lot! Seemingly they are aggressively discounting "high-end" products like king prawns and their lobster, by halving the price. The other protagonists - antagonists! - would appear to be the likes of Waitrose and Marks and Spencer.

The second article that - somewhat aptly - caught my eye is about the arrival of "20/20 vision", virtually perfect eyesight by means of lens implants which use a technique similar to cataract lenses. These lenses are already available in America and Germany, retailing at £600 per lens. However, the London Eye Hospital has begun private operations for those willing to pay £3,000 per eye.

It sounds good to me.

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