Friday, 29 January 2010

Brackenbrian Dinner

The old boys' annual dinner takes place at the usual venue this year. I have to admit that, since I left Brackenber, I have never attended one dinner; nor am I proud of the fact. There are, however, mitigating circumstances: namely, a degree of diffidence on Timothy Belmont's part.

If any fellow old boys happen to be perusing this post, I wonder if they might enlighten me as to the format of the dinner? Do most old boys attend alone? Or in a group? Is one assured of convivial company? Is there a bar? Is wine included with the meal?

If I could be reassured, I might just make an appearance!


Anonymous said...

Crikey, the BHS website is rather prototypic! But at least it is a start and has some relevant info. I had no idea these annual events were still going on, I had assumed they came to a close with a dinner & auction at which BHS memorabilia was sold off - some lucky person bought the weather vane from the roof, or so I was told - Must have been in the early 90s?. Like you, I have never been to a dinner, so can't really help on that score. I can't make the date anyway, but would be interested to known how the evening went - I'm assuming it isn't a Drones-esque affair!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Good to hear from you, J.

Indeed, the aforementioned website would appear to be in its infancy!

Re the memorabilia: did you bid on anything? I won the bid on two trophies, both of which have my name thereon!

I've had no response to my pleas for reassurance re the Dinner; so I shouldn't think I'll bother going.


Rod Mitchell said...

Hi Tim,
Just picked up your blog when searching for a Brackenber Old Boys Facebook page which doesn't seem to exist (yet).
Can't make this year's dinner but I will one of these days. It would be good to see everyone again.