Friday, 1 January 2010

Restore Harrod's

I do wish that the House of Fraser would buy back Harrod's. They owned the store from 1959 till 1985, when it was bought by the Fayed brothers for £615 million. I care not whether it is taken back in a hostile manner or otherwise, because Fayed would doubtless be resistant to its sale.

Harrod's is a national institution and tourist attraction. The great store proudly used to hold four royal warrants, till about 2002 when Fayed withdrew them himself, thereby pre-empting senior members of the Royal Family.

I insist I am not being xenophobic; I simply disapprove strongly of Fayed's attitude and behaviour towards the Royal Family. I know the man has resented being unsuccessful in his attempt to acquire British Citizenship. That is different matter; one decided upon by the Government.

The House of Fraser was injudicious to sell Harrod's in the first place, to my mind.

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