Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wireless Marvel

I'm seated in my London hotel room, with my diminutive Dell Mini 9 on my lap, tapping away happily. The hotel has free wi-fi and I'm using their own connection. It's ruddy marvellous, because my little netbook has all my settings, bookmarks, favourites and passwords.

The Mini 9 was possibly my best purchase in 2009. I find it quite indispensible.

I got into trouble at Belfast City Airport, because I'd packed the Mini 9 in my hand luggage and should have "declared" it to them! That cost me a thorough "going over". I nonchalantly read the Daily Telegraph while the security girl swabbed all sides of it, from top to bottom, and whatever else they do. I'm sure she enjoyed it.That's the computer, by the way, not me!

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