Saturday, 9 January 2010

Old Building Saved

It is gratifying, for once, to see that the High Court in Belfast has effectively overturned a planners' shameful decision to permit the demolition of an old Victorian building in Queen Street, Belfast.

I commented about this about three months ago.

The building's finest feature is a carved stone door-case, the archway being supported on red granite colonettes with grape and acanthus capitals. The keystone boasts an Elizabethan gentleman's head, sporting a long beard, ruff and hat; flanked by shields, oak-leaves, roses and acorns; with bosses of thistles and shamrocks.

The Honourable Mr Justice Treacy was told on Friday that the application to quash the planning permission decisions was no longer being resisted.


Anonymous said...

Not surprisingly, Sir Donnell wasn't hearing it!


Jenny said...

This is very good news, but I fear it's due to the economic situation rather than to a change of heart by the developers