Thursday, 7 January 2010

Suits you, Sir

I've treated myself to many things down the years; and, in some ways, wonder whether I ought to have "invested" in a bespoke suit from a Savile Row tailor decades ago. How much do they cost nowadays? £3,000? I must admit I've refrained from such expenditure on a suit, despite my size and figure remaining constant since adulthood.

I suppose there would be logistical - or practical - issues as well: several fittings, necessitating flights to the metropolis.

Are there any decent tailors left in Belfast or Northern Ireland? There used to be an old tailor tucked away in an entry off Ann Street; but he is long gone. I think his name was Peter McAllister or something like that. He made me an Oxford grey suit about 25 years ago and it is still going strong.

Back to that question about Savile Row: would you pay £3,000 for a suit?


Anonymous said...

Clarke and Dawe, Lisburn Rd., a lot less than London prices. Most on Savile Row are c. £3,000 - but some are from £1000-1,500. It is something I go for every few years; I'm still wearing one which must be over 20 years old now (it's a Huntsman).


Timothy Belmont said...

Would C&D be comparable to the Savile Row ones? Must check their website.

Anonymous said...

You should pop in to C&D. If you're in London soon have a look; quite a few of the tailors will accommodate fittings for weekend visitors and can then dispatch the suit when it's ready.

Anonymous said...

You will find 'off the peg' Huntsman jackets in House of Fraser in Victoria Square now. No prices on them tho, if you have to ask...

The Fat Builder said...

Would you consider flying to Hong Kong and having one copied? It's cheaper than Savile Row...

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Good idea, Fat Builder.

I'm in London next week; must wander up the Row...

Fruity Colquhoun said...

May I recommend a chap up Newcastle-upon-Tyne way; Renwick Bros. ‎390 Old Durham Road, Gateshead NE8 4BQ 0191 477 3436‎. I have absolutely no connection with them other than I’m a customer of the last 20 years. I have a new suit each year and have never been disappointed. Cheap flight to Newcastle, stay at the Northern Counties Club total cost is less than any London affair and a real Cutter, Tailor to boot
Fruity Colquhoun
fruity (at) 2-sheds(dot)fsnet(dot)co(dot)uk

Anonymous said...


I can't figure out how to send you an email ont his thing. Did you get the suit from David Young in the end? Just for your information there are a number of tailors in Ireland (listed in no particular order).

Ronald Johnston, Brendan Kidd, Denis Darcy, Bogart Tailors, Friedhelm Arnst, Louis Copeland, Jas Fagan.

David Young


Kellys Menswear

Martin Fraser

Michael Johnson

Timothy Belmont said...

I had trouble finding my own article! Indeed I have a D Young suit in my wardrobe.

I haven't worn it much at all.

Must give it an airing soon!