Monday, 4 January 2010

Pool Closed Again

I motored up to the Sports Club this evening, in the expectation that the swimming-pool would, at least, be open.

Yet again, they have let down the loyal membership with a printed notice on the door stating that the pool is closed due to a "broken cover". No notification to members; no indication as to when we can expect the pool to re-open. No adequate communication.

It doesn't really surprise me; though it is still deplorable. Little wonder numbers are dwindling. Those who supervise the pool appear to be indifferent towards the Sports Club. Were a member of staff at a private health club to treat members in such a manner, they'd have been dismissed within a week or two. Not twenty years.

I'll simply continue to exercise at the private health club I belong to, though I'll miss the swimming.


Anonymous said...

Is this CCB, or the gym you joined?

Timothy Belmont said...


Anonymous said...

Surely the pool's pretty grim anyway. You should join David Lloyd; it is expensive in comparison to the alternatives, but it's quite good value if one uses it fairly often.


Timothy Belmont said...

Don't tempt me! I have considered Lloyd's though, believe it or not, I still enjoy swimming at CCB despite its deficiencies. I'll most remain there till the bitter end!

What I want - and shan't get - is "regime change" at the pool. As you say, it is grim and grimy; not, to my mind, properly cleaned inside and out. The grime lying on the floor of the pool has been there since it was painted!

The changing-room is frequently untidy and littered with dirt and rubbish.

I have complained in writing to the previous headmaster (Pollock) and others about the situation about a decade ago, to no avail. The "supervisor" in charge remains in place still.