Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Miraculous Lozenge?

One article caught my eye in the papers yesterday: the 20 pence a day lozenge that, it has been claimed, is designed to ward off all cold and flu bugs.

Seemingly the lozenge would be taken once a day before breakfast and would cost a mere 20p per day. Scientists hope to have it for sale within two years. It is called Veldona.

Here is the main article.


Anonymous said...

I would be highly sceptical of anything "medical" published in the Mail, they tend to report a cure for cancer about once a week, usually with no real scientific basis.
And given that interferon is a protein, I would have thought that as such it would be digested by the gut before it could get into your bloodstream. But hey, what do I know... if it really works, it would obviously be great.
Happy New Year for 2010, keep up the good work. I have just returned from a short break in NI and an still trying to thaw out!

Timothy Belmont said...

It does sound too good to be true. We'll see.

Indeed the conditions here are Arctic, by our standards; they say it has been the coldest December for 30 years.

And thanks for the support, J. Happy New Year.