Thursday, 28 January 2010

The National Trust: New Image Rot

The National Trust has refreshed its image and brand. This has manifested itself on their new website; documents; magazine; handbook; cards and car stickers. They plan to introduce the new "brand" to clothing and vehicle livery, too.

The National Trust's management expects that this new image will make the Trust "more approachable and engaging".

The most significant changes include the loss of the word "The" from the National Trust to reduce "the feeling of formality"; a bolder use of the oak leaf; and the use of "a much wider palette of colours" for the logo.

What utter rot. How much did this exercise cost? My loyal readers can rest assured that I shan't be travelling down that progressive, egalitarian road of those at GHQ in The National Trust.

Omitting the definite article? "Let's go to National Trust property today"; or "National Trust method is best"; "I'm a supporter of National Trust." Quite preposterous.

Rest assured that Timothy Belmont will be maintaining the original and best, at his reactionary best; including continuation of the definite article and the green colour.

Long live the National Trust.


Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Tim it does your head in doesn't it. One wonders how much they were ripped off for the new logo. My guess would be a 100K+

The RSPB were the same it used to be "For Birds, For People, For Ever" now they have chosen the all encompassing "Nature's Voice" and are moving the charity away from what it was originally set up to do.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thank goodness I've still got a lot of stuff, paraphernalia, with the original branding and colours!

What, on earth, is wrong with the original design? Dark green, classic lettering etc.

Grrrrrh! :-)

Anonymous said...

Is there much difference betwixt them? I clicked on their website and the logo looks OK. Probably no need for a change though.


Timothy Belmont said...

There's no difference at all! Despite the article on their newsletter, the website hasn't been changed yet & doesn't have the new logo; so, as you say, W, it's fine! :-)

They will change it imminently, though.

Timothy Belmont said...

Their new "brand" and logo is on the quarterly magazine and all the stuff I got from them today.

Obviously they are phasing in the rest over the coming months.