Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ancient Relic

I called at the Linen Hall Library in Belfast today, yet again; speaking of which, there are plenty of antique relics floating about on the old, hallowed floor-boards. It's amazing what emerges from the woodwork.

I brought the digital camera with me; grabbed a volume of Burke's Landed Families of Ireland, 1912; and proceeded to take images of several coats-of-arms.

My handiwork can be viewed already at my Ardnargle article, whence I have replaced the original image with Burke's 1912 Arms.

I performed my usual trick of darting in to Marks and Spencer for some of their estimable fodder.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of applying for your own arms, Tim? It's a bit (very?) pretentious nowadays, but still done. My g-father, when he took silk, was the last in my family I know of to do it personally; College of Arms still run it all.


Timothy Belmont said...

I like to display images of any pertaining to my articles, mainly because I think it adds a bit of "colour" to them. The European Heraldry ones are quite brilliant, I feel. I like to bring everything together, particularly the extinct ones that could be forgotten or overlooked.

I agree with you, W; I think applying for them today would be a bit pretentious, unless hederitary peerages are revived!