Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Noble MP

BBC Northern Ireland, in its infinite ignorance, has, yet again, elevated the Member of Parliament for North Down's personal status to that of daughter of a duke, marquess or earl by calling her "Lady Sylvia Hermon" [sic].

The ignoramuses sitting in BBC NI, with an abundance of books and volumes in a library on correct pronunciation, form etc ought to know that the prefix Lady, followed by the Christian name, indicates that the person in question is the daughter of a senior nobleman.

I say this in the interests of pedantry. Perhaps those so-called editors in BBC Northern Ireland will accept a little lesson from Timothy Belmont, and let me assure them that Lady Hermon, or, should they prefer, Sylvia, Lady Hermon; or even Lady (Sylvia) Hermon, is not the daughter of a duke, marquess or earl.

She is the widow of a Knight Bachelor.


Anonymous said...

Even worse; occasionally I've seen them refer to Sir John Smith, Lady (Jane) Smith, etc. and then - later in the same article - say Mr. Smith!

The BBC is a self-serving socialist institution. I may be being paranoid, but I think it could be a deliberate attempt to undermine the honours system.

Anonymous said...

Pleased to see Johnny Andrews is going for N. Down! My money's on him! Excellent news.


Timothy Belmont said...

Johnny Andrews? Didn't realize that. I was at school with Johnny; used to play - try to play - Bridge at his place! Johnny's a much better choice than the sitting MP.