Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bay Tree Breakfast

Four us us, including the Dowager, all trooped along to the Bay Tree coffee-house in Holywood, County Down this morning. There was a choice of tables, though they were mostly two-seat ones and we required a table for four.

I fancied a full Bay Tree Fry this morning. I abstained from breakfast at home.

There were two small tables at the wall which were unoccupied, so the Dowager - who cannot stand for lengthy periods - and self sat there and I inquired if they could be joined. This they did not want, because it would have caused a blockage in the aisle. We waited till the others arrived; and waited; and waited, during which time two ladies sat down at a four-seat table at the opposite side before I could make a move.

I went up to the counter and pointed this out and was told that we'd have needed to queue for that! By this time, the restaurant was busy. A waitress approached the large table with the two ladies, and they agreed to do a swap.

I must confess that we were all a little exasperated by now and I demonstrated this by raising my voice, a boorish habit of which I am not proud. A Michael Winner moment. I'm not really like that, believe me: I did have some justification for annoyance. I think they made me pay for this behaviour - "let him wait!" - by bringing the others their scones and coffee, while I waited twenty-five minutes for my cooked breakfast. In the end, I summoned a waitress and told her that, if my breakfast hadn't been started, I'd cancel it. "Two minutes."

When it did arrive, it was probably worth the wait: very good; tasty; decent ingredients; plenty of mushroom; very lean bacon; a fat little sausage under the rest! I think the fry cost £5.95.

Incidentally, there was a Knight Commander (civil division) of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath enjoying the atmosphere there, this morning.


Anonymous said...

Sir Ken?

I tend towards the Coffee Yard for breakfast. From the photo the Bay Tree's, although I've not breakfasted there, looks quite greasy!


Timothy Belmont said...

They punished me! :-)

Is the fry at the Coffee Yard similar, do you think?

Stephen said...

"I must confess that we were all a little exasperated by now and I demonstrated this by raising my voice, a boorish habit of which I am not proud."

You know, Timothy, that is a very good observation of NI people. My (Canadian) wife gives me hell for not roaring when things go wrong- she kicks off at the drop of the proverbial hat.

And you know what? I'm happy being an NI person, with NI manners and sensibilities.

And P.S. I hope you lubricated that fry up with a load of HP sauce!!!


Timothy Belmont said...

Morning Stephen,

At 08:56 hours! Nice one. Thr trouble is that most establishments in NI aren't used to people behaving in a certain manner! It reminds me of the Fawlty Towers sketch with the aggressive US guest and his agreeable wife! Basil didn't know what had hit him.