Thursday, 25 February 2010

An Arts Council?

I sent the Arts Council of Northern Ireland a message via email three days ago, politely inquiring about the future of Castleward Opera; and, to date, still await a response.

I was wondering whether the Arts Council still existed and, if so, how many staff operate from their premises?

It begs the question: Why have a Contact Us link with an email address, if such an august body doesn't bother to reply?


Anonymous said...

From what I gather the C'ward Opera no longer exists in name, but does exist under the auspices of the appropriately named Opera Company NI!


Timothy Belmont said...

the Opera Company NI? What an original name! How ever did they come up with that.

So they've pulled the plug on Castleward Opera then?

I could well have more to say on the matter in due course.

If I receive a response from them I might publish it with, naturally, my response.

Anonymous said...

I think there will still be the same event at Castleward; it's just that Opera Company NI (no 'the' apparently) encompasses it, and other groups.

I just wish they'd put on some bloody Wagner (even if it's rubbish); it would save me a fortune trekking across Europe!


Timothy Belmont said...

Amen. I'm fond of a spot of Wagner myself, W. I wish the Ulster Orchestra would play more of it, too.

So you think there'll be a season this summer then?

Timothy Belmont said...

By Jove, it must have taken their finest brains to conceive that title, Opera Company NI or whatever they call it.

If an opera season at Castle Ward is finished, some billionaire should fund a new season at Montalto!