Monday, 22 February 2010

Hidden Heritage

Far be it for me to lend some publicity to Ulster Television, given that I seldom watch the channel! The culture at the local broadcaster has irrevocably changed since the days of the Hendersons, Lord Antrim and the patriotic theme tunes.

I might just make an exception at eight o'clock this evening, though; because their Hidden Heritage programme sounds interesting, not least due to the fact that the National Trust's Chapel Island might feature therein.

Brian Black looks at local maritime history, including the smugglers of Rathlin Island, before exploring some of the lighthouses that have protected the coasts for centuries.


Sandy said...

Thanks for the notice of Brain Black's excellent programme, I really enjoyed it. Albert Colmer's local knowledge of Lecale is extensive and he talks on the subject with enthusiasm.
I found Brain's blog on the UTV website and it makes fascinating reading.

Timothy Belmont said...

If you blinked, you'd have missed my appearance therein! I was weeding at the ruinous chapel on Chapel Island, wearing navy cords, green polo, army camouflage floppy hat!