Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ballyquintin : Tree-Planting

Well, I'm seated here, tapping away with a little, modest restorative at the left hand, as one does; just having spent a wonderful day at Ballyquintin, which is a National Trust property at the most southerly tip of the Ards Peninsula in County Down.

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There were a mere six to eight of us today, which was a shame because the task had been publicized as a family day; and it transpires that the future of our Weekend Volunteer Group is uncertain, for this very reason, viz. lack of numbers.

We planted a large amount of indigenous saplings today, at a spot near Bar Hall Bay. Craig reckoned he had brought along about 2,000 trees; so hundreds of saplings were planted, at a conservative estimate.

My sandwiches were home-made today! Granary bread, Red Leicester cheese, real ham, mayonnaise and onion chutney. Yum yum; and all washed down with Twining's best tea.

The Trust is doing a terrific job at Ballyquintin: tree-planting, hedge-laying, new stiles and maintenance of footpaths; and more access for visitors. We spotted a buzzard today; oh, and the little fellow keeping an eye on us below!


Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

I have wanted a Robin on fork image for years. Apart from I would like it on a wooden handled one!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Little wonder Robbie was perched there: There was a large amount of juicy worms on site today!