Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Jenna McCorkell, Skater

I noticed this article in next week's Radio Times about Jenna McCorkell, originally from Coleraine in County Londonderry:-

Northern Ireland's most successful ever female ice skater makes her Olympic d├ębut at these Games. At the age of ten, McCorkell became the youngest ever skater to make it into the Great Britain squad and went on to win the British Senior Ladies' title six times. The 23-year-old from Coleraine was a top-ten competitor in the European Championships of 2008 and 2009. "Jenna definitely has the ability and the potential," says Robin Cousins. "But she'll really need to deliver on the day."

Best of luck at the Winter Games, Jenna.


Anonymous said...

I don't recognise her as being one of the Ballyarnett McCorkells, but could be wrong (probably some wing of the family though).

J said...

Shes related to the McCorkells from Culmore, her father funnily enough was born in Belmont!

Timothy Belmont said...

Belmont? Ah ha! What a splendid name. :-)

Let's hope that Jenna brings home the Gold.


Anonymous said...

She probably is one of 'the' McCorkells then...I think (the late) Sir Michael was from Culmore.


J said...

Sorry, no she's not related to Sir Michaels branch of the family, maybe if you go back to the 17th Century! I've traced Jennas branch of the family back to the late 1700's and so far have not made the connection.

All McCorkells in Ireland that I have so far came across in the 17th century hailed from the Portlough Precinct of the Laggan valley in Donegal, having come over as part of the Plantation from Ayrshire in Scotland in the early 1600's

Anonymous said...

Ah. Families are funny old things, aren't they. Two McCorkells from Culmore who aren't really related!

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed. I imagine that one or two missing links would make it nigh on impossible to make a connection. They could be related, viz. 8th cousins 4 times removed, but who knows! :-)

Stephen said...

Go Jenna!

Hope she does well.