Friday, 28 May 2010

2010 Dissolution Honours

Brief perusal of the 2010 Dissolution Honours List provides no surprises in Northern Ireland whatsoever.

Ian Paisley becomes a life peer as the Right Honourable Ian Richard Kyle Baron Paisley PC; that is assuming he uses his own name for the title. I suppose he could be Lord Paisley of Ballymena or wherever.

Nigel Dodds OBE MP is appointed to the Privy Council as the Right Honourable Nigel Dodds OBE MP.

There are many others on the List who remain unspeakable and insufferable Labour cronies, thugs and minions. One simply has to use one's imagination. Speaking of which, has Prescott punched anyone else this year? Sir Ian Blair, now a life peer, is, according to his erstwhile paymaster, a "distinguished public servant". Ha ha.

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