Friday, 21 May 2010

At Portballintrae

We motored up to Portballintrae at the north coast of County Antrim this morning and arrived about eleven forty-five. Hurrah! The Bannaghmore Road, which runs from Bushmills to Portballintrae, has been re-surfaced at last.

We stopped at the Bayview Hotel and I reserved a table for this evening.

After lunch at my aunt's house, we drove into Portrush where, at a shop called Trogg's, I tried on several pairs of "shortie" wetsuits; and, in the process, stubbed my little toe on something in the shop, causing a bit of a bloody gash - I was wearing flip-flops.

Thence we motored into the lovely village of Bushmills and I bought some groceries.

We have just finished our meal at the hotel and the dining-room is "buzzing" with noise and very busy indeed. They have free wi-fi, which is handy because I am unable to get a connection at my aunt's.


slug said...

What time of day does Lord Belmont dine? You seem to have finished quite early, for a Lord anyway.

Stephen said...

Very good! When I was a youngster we holidayed every year at Portballintrae, fond memories. Worth a trundle is along to the Causeway Hotel, I went there with my parents and the Canadian Mrs, the menu hasn't changed since the 70's I swear.

Another good one is the North Irish White Horse Inn in Dervock, though it might not still be in business ;)

Timothy Belmont said...

We tend to dine early. It suits me better.

i know the Causeway Hotel well, and we may pay it a visit this evening.