Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Search Feature

A quick mention, for those who are new to the blog and anyone else unaware of a most helpful Search facility at the top left-hand corner of my blog. Simply enter any key word in the empty white box, click on the magnifying-glass symbol immediately beside the box and my articles with that word will appear. I have written 1,357 posts so you never know - you might even have been mentioned!

I encountered my veteran swimming pal, Robert, yesterday at the Linen Hall library. Robert must be almost a nonagenarian by now, and still swims a few lengths most days at the sports club. He collapsed at the top of the library stairs awhile ago and fainted. He seems fine now and awaits the result of some tests which his doctor will disclose. Robert told me that he might have to get a heart pace-maker fitted and I flippantly quipped that he'd get stopped and searched at every airport security desk! I know he shan't be reading this, but I wish him well and hope he, and his wife, are able to get away to the sun later in the year without any difficulties, including insurance.


Anonymous said...

Do you do requests for new posts?
If so, i'd like to see something on: 1) Belfast coffee shops.
2) A few more walks - like the South Belfast one you did last year.

Rossetti's Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

#these boots were made for walking...# :-)

Yes, I ought to walk more. Believe it or not, I don't do a huge deal of walking. I swim more than I walk!

I mentioned the Bay Tree in Holywood last Sat, though it isn't in Belfast admittedly.

Still, comments noted.