Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bacon Breakfast

We enjoyed a few rashers of really good bacon with our toast this morning. It's the first time we've tried this particular brand, Case and Sons.

It was fried in a little oil for five or six minutes. Despite it having been "traditionally matured for a great tasting, drier and more meaty bacon" there was still watery fluid, which was poured off.

This bacon, to my mind, is good: thick cut, smoked, traditional Wiltshire cure, very lean; and a delicious flavour, too.

I very much approve of the royal warrant and the Love Bacon Quality Union Jack standard mark thereon.


Sharon Owens said...

Dear Tim,

I always try to buy British/Irish products. Not always easy to find. I love Dollar Grand greeting cards, Farrow & Ball paints and my daughter's school blazers, all made in Britain.

Yes, you can't beat a bit of crispy bacon for breakfast.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Sharon!

I love crispy streaky bacon, too. Funny thing is that not everyone does: I overheard someone complaining to his partner on holiday that the bacon was crispy!

Can't please everyone.