Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Mighty Ocelot

Whilst, aesthetically speaking, it is no beauty, this could be the Army's successor to the Land Rover "Snatch". Here is a review and video.

It is called the Ocelot. It looks a bit like a Caterpillar dumper truck with the back cut off!

  • 7.5 tons fully loaded
  • 3.2 litre turbo engine
  • £500,000 each
  • 215 bhp
  • 75mph, governed
  • 0-50mph in 19.75 seconds
  • 18mpg


Sandy said...

Need to check your sums. I nearly fell off my perch when I read they cost £5m each -
"The Ocelot is competing for a £100 million overall contract for 200 vehicles to meet the Ministry of Defence's Light Protected Patrol Vehicle requirements. "

£500K by my reckoning.
Bankers, eh.

Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

£5,000,000 each they have got to be having a laugh.

Timothy Belmont said...

That's why it took me another year and tuition to attain a C at GCE Maths! :-)

I was waiting for someone to notice that - keeping you on your toes.

Sandy said...

Good for you to become a banker (I am right?). Like a dyslexic family I know becoming printers...

Timothy Belmont said...

It wasn't what you knew - it was WHO you knew. :-)

Stephen said...

Well over here in Toronto Canada, our City Government is feeling so flush (no pun intended) that they have decided to open the first public pay toilet, by the waterfront. About the size of a bus shelter, and the cost? $400,000. At 25c a visit, I'll leave it to the mathematicians to work out the payback period.

The good thing is, they posted a sign at the entrance: "Toronto City Services: We're Here To Lend A Hand If You Need It". Now that's service for you!