Friday, 28 May 2010

Ducal Disharmony?

There is a slight differing of opinion between two of our great northern dukes, viz. Their Graces the Duke of Northumberland and the Duke of Roxburgh.

Apparently Guy Roxburgh wishes to go ahead with a wind turbine project on the Lammermuir Hills, south of Edinburgh; and his neighbour, Ralph Northumberland, whilst not opposed to wind farms in principle, considers that such a project would be detrimental to an area of outstanding natural beauty.

I have a measure of sympathy with Northumberland, despite that old cliché, NIMBY, springing to mind.


Sandy said...

Windfarms are abominations. No-one has been able to tell me how long the things have to spin for to even repay the energy needed to make them, transport, erect and maintain them.
I suspect it is longer than their lifespan, in which case they are completely pointless.

Timothy Belmont said...

I stayed on Rathlin Island for a few days last summer and, to my surprise, the wind turbines are no longer functioning. Even their blades have been removed, I believe.

What a waste of money! NIE spending a fortune on it all; only to bring an undeerground power-line or whatever.

What a costly exercise.