Tuesday, 18 May 2010

PC Installation

The new computer is, more or less, installed and functioning. The Microsoft Easy Tranfer seems to have done its job very well, my files and settings all magically appearing.

Outlook Express has disappeared, though. They urged me to transfer everything to Windows Live which I have, accordingly, done. I have also added my webmail - Hotmail - accounts to Windows Live, which is progress, I suppose.

I have removed the old computer and I'll store it upstairs for a few months before I take any drastic action.

I'm still trying to figure out how best to open new windows in Windows 7. I know that sounds elementary, but there are now no Quick Launch icons to click on at the bottom. It will take awhile to get accustomed to.

The new PC seems good, however, being largely wireless; so it connects to the Home Hub wirelessly and there are less cables and wires hanging down.


slug said...

You can create quick launch icons at the bottom easily enough, Lord.

Timothy Belmont said...

I have quick launch tabs with Firefox at the top.

In the old Windows I had a Firefox icon at the bottom left and every time I clicked it, it opened a new window.

How can I do that with Windows 7?

fattakin said...

goto the Windows icon on bottom left and programs, highlight the one you want, i.e. firefox and right click and choose 'pin to taskbar' and it will create a big icon at the bottom. You can do it for any application that appears in the programs menu

Mick Stella said...

Right click any icon on the Start Menu or Desktop and select "Pin to Task Bar" to create a quick launch style icon. To open an extra browser window (tabbed browsing is better). From within Firefox either choose "File - New Window" or key combination "ctrl n"
To open a new instance via the Task Bar. Right Click the Firefox icon and select "Mozilla Firefox"
Same applies for all programs.